Research and development activities in the field of UAV propulsion are constantly progressing and expanding in Israel and worldwide. The Conference will provide an opportunity to present and discuss advances made in the field. It will bring together researchers, scholars, policy makers, industrialists, users and others from diverse activities and backgrounds to address key issues of UAV propulsion.


The Conference is intended for engineers, scientists and users from governmental organizations (e.g. IDF, Ministry of Defense/MAFAT, etc.), industries and research institutions. Students and engineers from other backgrounds that are interested in the field of UAV propulsion are also invited to take part in the Conference.

The aim of the Conference is sharing knowledge and ideas, as well as initiating new collaborations in the field of UAV propulsion technologies.

Presentations at the Conference will be focused on the areas relevant to UAV propulsion. Topics to be discussed include (but are not limited to):

  • Two- and four-stroke engines
  • Rotary engines
  • Alternative propulsion methods
  • Electric propulsion
  • Hybrid propulsion
  • Conventional and alternative fuels for UAV engines
  • Future development trends

a picture of an engine

another picture of an engine